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Real Estate Brokerage

Sharper Edge Properties is not your typical real estate office with dozens of agents, many of who are learning on the job. All our associates are seasoned real estate brokers with years of sales and property management experience. Our business is based on relationships, which produce trust and confidence.

If you’re selling:
Since we have already been managing for many of our clients who sell, we already enjoy a trusted relationship and are the natural choice. We are technologically progressive and members of the local and national associations of Realtors. You will enjoy all the bells and whistles of the large firms but the caring consultation and trusted advice of a friend. We offer a competitive fee structure that could save you thousands… we have always believed that 6% to sell a property in Southern California is ridiculous.

If you’re buying:
We have two distinct areas of specialization.

The first is the buyer looking to add a rental property to their portfolio. With our years of management experience, we are ideally suited to offer advice on location, potential rental value, and the “must and must not haves” as far as features and amenities go. We can also assist with any updating or re-decorating needed due to our relationships with many quality vendors in the trades who offer us competitive pricing.

The second is the tenant who wants to become an owner at some point in time. Whether you are a first time buyer or someone who is trying to attain home ownership again after suffering a loss in the market crash, we want to help you. We will help you with establishing financing needs, cleaning up old blemishes or whatever is needed to make you a property owner if it is possible. We know that we can help you achieve your goal with patience, persistence and sound advice.